About us

In our factory we have created a fabulous

showroom , which occupies more than 1,000 square

meters and displays over 30,000 items,

including X’mas, Easter, Halloween,

Harvest Festival and everyday items !

Factory Ownership

Management Expertise

LI ZHI JI(李植基) born in 1957,from a normal Chinese family, starting to be a library manager but has a crazy passion about arts. Sometimes he made some paintings or arts decoration ,also talked about the arts with his father, who is a famous painter of China. One day, a foreigner friend saw his works and have a favor about them, Which made him decided to start a arts and crafts office in his own home. In 1992,yeesheng arts & crafts factory co., ltd was founded.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is one of our core values as a company.

Factory Audits